Check Out Stunning Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is a massive park that can be found to the east of the San Joaquin Valley and it sits directly next to Kings Canyon National Park. The landscape inside this stunning park includes larger than life mountains, spectacular canyons, caverns, and the largest trees in the world. In fact, it is those trees, the giant sequoias, that draw many people to the park. There are numerous groves of these trees, although they are all within a very small area of the park, and people can reach them via the hiking trails.

The rest of this humongous park is still amazing though, and everyone should explore at least part of the rest of it. As people are hiking through this park, they will have many choices as to where they can go. One of the popular places, other than the sequoias, is the valley called Kern Canyon. This valley goes from north to south near the eastern border of the park and it has some phenomenal features.

Crystal Cave is another wonderful spot for visitors to explore when they are in Sequoia National Park, but it is only open from the end of May until the end of September every year and people must be with a tour guide to enter. Everyone must walk a half of a mile to the entrance, and while it is steep, it should be manageable for almost anyone. Once inside this marble cavern, people can walk along a half mile loop to see all the fragile formations.

Adventurists will want to tackle the looming peak of Mount Whitney, which is the tallest mountain within the lower forty-eight states. Everyone will need a permit prior to beginning their hike, as they limit the number of people who go up the mountain every day. The most popular route on this mountain begins at Whitney Portal and is 10.7 miles in length. The other routes that are available are much longer, but they all get a person to the summit at 14,494 feet.

It can take a few days to explore much of Sequoia National Park, which is why many people will want to camp at one of the campgrounds or do some overnight backpacking in the more rugged parts of the park. The options are almost endless here, as are the adventures that a person can have.

Written by Loving Soul

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