See the Amazing Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The Carlsbad Caverns National Park can be found within southeastern New Mexico and the main attraction is Carlsbad Cavern. However, there are more than one hundred other caves hidden underground. Amongst all those caves are rocky canyons, ancient sea ledges, wild animals, and cacti that flower under the desert sun.

All visitors should stop at the Visitor Center when they arrive at this park, so that they can learn more about the area before they venture out. Everyone will want to visit Carlsbad Cavern, and they can do so on their own or with a tour guide.
There are two routes for the self-guided tours, the Big Room and the Natural Entrance. The Big Room route is the most popular, because the Big Room is the largest single cave chamber within North America.

The trail is one and a quarter miles long and takes approximately one and a half hours to walk. There is a shortcut on that route, which cuts the distance and the time in half. The Natural Entrance route is much steeper but the same distance as the Big Room. It takes approximately an hour to complete this walk while viewing formations that include Iceberg Rock, the Whale’s Mouth, and Devil’s Spring.

This park really comes to life at night as the stars fill the nighttime sky. While people can see these skies on their own, everyone must participate in one of the night sky events if they are taking place during a person’s visit. These star parties are led by rangers who talk about astronomy, the nocturnal creatures inside the park, and some of the cultural folklore.

The star parties normally occur directly after the bat flight program, which is where rangers talk about bats before those same bats exit the cave for their evening flight. Anyone who is inside the park really early in the morning may want to watch as the bats return to the cave in the early pre-dawn hours.

While there are no campsites inside this national park, people can camp out in the backcountry if they follow a few guidelines. Everyone must have a permit to camp in the area as well.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park is full of unique features and quite a bit to do. Everyone will enjoy exploring the area while seeing the true beauty that still exists.

Written by Loving Soul

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