I’m always looking for alternative treatments to use to reduce the pain from arthritis in my joints. I don’t like taking pills though I’m willing to try different alternative methods. I have arthritis in my hands so I’ve been doing hand exercises to help with flexibility and help with improved range of motion. I also have been using reflexology which involves putting pressure on certain points of your body “Acupressure”. Which I’ve had good results from both. Massage is another good method, with gentle to mild pressure depending how sore your body is. There are lots of topical creams and gels that work pretty good. Also, changing out exercises, to low impact ones instead of ones that are pounding, like running and step aerobics that can be tough on your joints. In the summer I get back into drinking my smoothies. I’m doing some research on powder supplements to add to my smoothies. I will give a review on supplements on a later date along with my favorite exercise equipment. So stayed tuned. 

Written by Loving Soul

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