Knowing someone’s primary love language is helpful.

Knowing someone’s primary love language is helpful to discover what fills his/her love tank, as well as what depletes it. Often, our greatest areas of sensitivity are connected to our primary love language. When someone speaks the opposite of that language, our love tank depletes more quickly and we are often left feeling hurt.


DO: Speak encouraging words when you see an individual who appears discouraged, down, or depressed.

AVOID: Unconstructive criticism. This tends to wound and discourage individuals who value Words of Affirmation above the other love languages.


DO: Offer to help whenever you see an opportunity to assist.

AVOID: Creating messes and then leaving them for others to clean up.


DO: Realize that even small, inexpensive gifts are appreciated if it means this person was on your mind.

AVOID: Complaining how much you had to sacrifice or spend in order to get the gift.


DO: Put your mobile device or tablet away when having a conversation with this person.

AVOID: Answering the phone or texting others in the middle of a conversation with this individual.


DO: If married, share with your spouse how you are eagerly anticipating your next romantic rendezvous and the physical touch that will be a part of it (for example, hand-holding, long embraces).

AVOID: A “cold” response when physical contact is initiated by this person. This will make him/her feel unloved.

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