Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains and sits on the California and Nevada borders. Lake Tahoe is known for its beautiful landscapes. There’s a marker in town where you can stand in both states at the same time. I visited Tahoe a lot as a child with my parents. We usually rented a cabin just out-of-town. We adventure off during the day and at night my parents would hit the casinos after dropping me off at the casinos kid center. I remember getting money from dad and running off to the games. Lots of fun memories. No matter what time of year you visit, you’ll always find something to do.  

Water sports in the summer time like boating, fishing, water rafting, canoeing. Horseback riding, hiking and biking. Winter time turns into a winter wonderland for those who love snow. So many night-time activities to choose from too… live shows, concerts, restaurants and of course the casinos. Lots of choices for your stay over to beautiful campgrounds for you campers, cabins and a variety of  casino rooms from standard to VIP suites. Casinos are good for running specials, I always call to see what they have going on.

Written by Loving Soul

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