With good intention, a pure heart and a desire to fill the world with light and love. Maybe we can make a change in the world so full of hate. After walking away from a long time relationship that was so full of hate. I made a decision to not let hate in again and to spread as much light and love out to the world as possible. I have never felt so filled with light, coming from a place where it felt so dark. I feel so blessed to see myself free the from the hate and darkness it pulls you to. It’s taken a while to get here. Anyone out there struggling with hate and love? Go for love every time. Living in hate is not healthy for anyone. Expand your flow of love and light to yourself, feel the energy. Then practice on sending it outwards to others. You are beautiful, you are love, now go forth and share it <3

Sending you light and love my friends….. xoxo





Written by Loving Soul

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