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Spectacular Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park can be found within the Cascade Range and it is one of the oldest national parks.  However, being the oldest is not the only reason why this park is one of the most visited out of all the national parks.  Instead, many people visit to see the spectacular panoramic views of the city from the 14,410-foot summit of the mountain of the same name.  

Mount Rainier happens to be an active volcano, but it hasn’t erupted for at least one hundred and fifty years.  The entire park is filled with glaciers, river valleys, old forests, and volcanic peaks and everyone loves hiking around to see them all.  As people are exploring the park, they may encounter some of the sixty-five mammal species that are present inside the park as well as different types of reptiles, amphibians, and birds.  Most of the animals are fine if they are left alone, but the bears and mountain lions need to be given even more distance.  

Since more than half of Mount Rainier National Park is composed of forests, there is plenty of vegetation for visitors to see.  There are numerous types of trees, including Douglas fir, western red cedar, Alaska yellow cedar, and western white pine.  While most of the vegetation is green, some color can be spotted amongst the fields of wildflowers.  

Almost everyone wants to visit Paradise when they enter Mount Rainier National Park.  This breathtaking area can be found at an elevation of approximately 5,400 feet on the southern slope of Mount Rainier.  While in Paradise, people can see the Paradise Guild House that was built-in 1920 and the historic Paradise Inn that was constructed in 1916.  

It doesn’t get too warm in the area of Paradise throughout the year, but records are set there when it comes to the amount of snow that falls each and every year.  It is common to see snowfall totals reach over one thousand inches in this part of the park.  

Everyone must walk along the mile loop of the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail when they are at Mount Rainier National Park.  This trail can be found near the Stevens Canyon Entrance and it goes to an island where there are one-thousand-year-old western red cedar and Douglas fir trees.  The swinging suspension bridge is quite popular and is recommended by past visitors.  

Anyone that hasn’t been to Mount Rainier National Park yet is going to want to start planning a trip there sooner than later.  After all, no one will want to miss out on all the beautiful sights that can be seen there.  

Written by Loving Soul

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