Grand Canyon

The Amazing Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can be found in the state of Arizona and this massive canyon is two hundred and seventy-seven miles in length. In certain areas, the width creates an eighteen-mile space and it is one mile in-depth. The vastness of this canyon is the number one reason why people show up there by the thousands to revel in its beauty.

There are two rims to see at the Grand Canyon. The North Rim is only open during the spring, summer, and fall, but its remote location makes it a less popular of the two options. There are a few restaurants, hotels, and camping areas near the North Rim, but as for attractions, people will basically see the canyon and that is it.

There is much more to see and do at the South Rim, which is open all year-long. Visitors can explore the Grand Canyon Village, which is where the Visitor Center can be found. This village has a market plaza where the bank, post office, and grocery store are located. Inside the Historic District, people can see the railroad depot, original lodge buildings, and displays of how the village was during pioneer days.

Everyone will want to walk to the canyon rim as well as Mather Point to see majestic views of the canyon. The Desert View is another spot where the views are breathtaking, and it can be found approximately twenty-five miles to the east of Grand Canyon Village. Anyone that ventures to Desert View will be rewarded with views of up to one hundred miles away, as long as it is a clear day.

The Scenic Hermit Road Shuttle Route is a wonderful way to see many of the overlooks of the canyon, as it stops at nine of them along the seven miles of the road. People can only take this route with a tour group from March through November, however, during the months of December through February, people can drive their own vehicles along the route.
Everyone will enjoy their time at the canyon, as it is full of history, nature, and lots of unique things to see. Most people will stop at the South Rim, but no one should forget about the North Rim if they are in that area.

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