Visit the Extraordinary Arches National Park


The landscape within the Arches National Park is different from many of the other national parks in the United States due to the fact that there are two thousand natural stone arches throughout. Each arch has its own name, which they all earned when the rocks formed an arch that stretched at least three feet in one direction. This park also has quite a few trails that people can hike along while watching amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The visitor center is the best place for everyone to start when they visit Arches National Park. Inside the center, people will find interactive exhibits, an auditorium, and educational kiosks. Once everyone has learned as much as they can in the center, they will want to drive along the scenic road to all the viewpoints that are within the park. These viewpoints offer spectacular panoramic views that include many of the stone arches.

Hiking is a popular activity within Arches National Park, which is why there are so many trails to choose from. Some of these trails can be walked in twenty minutes while others will take much longer as people venture further into the lesser seen areas of the park. The most popular hiking trails include Balanced Rock, The Windows, Park Avenue, and Devil’s Garden Primitive Loop.

This park is quite popular throughout the year, but people arrive in droves between the months of March and October. Everyone must remember that it may take longer to travel along the road or see certain sites during this time.
Anyone that wants to spend as much time as possible in this park will want to consider camping at the Devil’s Garden Campground. This campground will allow people to see magnificent sights at all hours of the day, but everyone will want to make sure that they are looking up at the nighttime sky to see the amazing stars.

Everyone will want to remember their camera when they visit this national park as the scenery is begging to be captured for the future. No one will be able to see the entire park during their visit, unless they plan on staying there for a few weeks. However, even seeing a small portion of the park will make a person feel like they have found paradise in nature.

Written by Loving Soul

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